VSXC Community

Mission Statement:

Virtual Software eXtended Concepts – Community
Geared towards helping game developers no matter the experience. Gain the proper knowledge in developing an initial concept and turning that concept into a finished product. By providing over-the-shoulder experiences through online tutorials. Of each role-specific task and sub-task needed to bring that concept to life. While providing a library of affordable game assets to use in your commercial projects.

    VSimpsonXC is our parent company. Where we offer services to clients to help bring their projects to life. By building technology and games.

"We believe by educating developers through our own game development projects. We can reduce game developers from changing careers! By educating people about the gaming industry through our experience. People can see the full breakdown process while recognizing how easy or tough certain elements of the business is. Everyone that chooses to continue down our path might have an easier success long term. With VSXC Community there is a lot of potential growth. However, right now focuses is tutorials, library, and our games. By developing a set of tutorials. Game Developers no matter the experience may watch our series without the need to search the internet for other streamers. When people come to our website. They can get everything they need to complete their journey towards becoming a Game Developer.
By the end of the tutorials obtain skills to scale their products to a whole new level. By using our libraries and learning from our game development experiences. Developers will learn how to make quality games with a low budget.” – Founder: Victor Simpson

Demo Reels

2021 Demo Reel

Coming soon: "preview"

Conconcurrently working on the Final Renders for each scene. Still honestly taking the longest time. As for everything we are attaching the EULA which is the main focus for this update.